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June Carter Cash

Read through the most famous quotes from June Carter Cash

Every dog has it's day, unless he loses his tail, then he has a weakend.

— June Carter Cash


I chose to be Mrs. Johnny Cash in my life. I decided I'd allow him to be Moses and I'd be Moses' brother Aaron, picking his arms up and padding along behind him.

— June Carter Cash

#allow #along #arms #behind #brother

I've flown out of character so many times. In that sense I've been lucky, because I've been given the liberty to do just about anything I've wanted to do in my lifetime.

— June Carter Cash

#anything #because #been #character #flown

After you've listened to it, you'll feel like you know us a little bit better.

— June Carter Cash

#better #bit #feel #know #like

For the last 20 months, I've just been going from one hospital to another.

— June Carter Cash

#been #going #hospital #i #just

I had all the material for a long time, but I was just too busy. Sometimes we'd sit around at home and sing some of these songs at family things, and everyone always said I should record them.

— June Carter Cash

#around #busy #everyone #family #had

I stayed in submission to my husband, and he allowed me to do anything I wanted to. I felt like I was lucky to have that kind of romance.

— June Carter Cash

#anything #felt #husband #i #kind

Inside that book, it's my life-all the places where I'm hurting or I laughed or I cried or I prayed. And I've had to pray a lot!

— June Carter Cash

#cried #had #hurting #i #inside

It depends on how Johnny's feeling... If we go back on the road, we will go together. I'll go where he goes, and he'll go where I go.

— June Carter Cash

#depends #feeling #go #goes #how

This is the bunch of songs I did first, and it's just the type of thing I do. I am a Carter Family girl, so the record is book-ended with Carter Family songs.

— June Carter Cash

#bunch #carter #did #family #first

About June Carter Cash

June Carter Cash Quotes

Did you know about June Carter Cash?

 31 in CMT's 40 Greatest Women in Country Music in 2002. Carter and the entire Carter Family had performed with Johnny Cash for a number of years. Finally in 1950 Opry management relented and the group along with Atkins became part of the Opry company.

 31 in CMT's 40 Greatest Women in Country Music in 2002. [dead link] She was ranked No. Carter Cash was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

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