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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #napping

Abby wouldn't want you to suffer because of some jerk that kidnapped her. She would want you to go on your trip so that she would have fun torturing you for not being a puddle on the ground with a box of tissues and an empty gallon of ice cream by your side. Then afterwards to hit you for thinking she was seriously hoping you would be doing that.

Ottilie Weber

#humor #ice-cream #kidnapping #sarcasm #family

I can think of only one good solution to this dilemma," Diego said, having spent the entire night developing a plan. You sneak into the school and carry her off?" Gaspar quipped. That is the not-so-good solution. And it would be very difficult to sneak into a house full of women without raising an alarm." A cloud descended on Gaspar's brow. "I was not serious. Kidnapping is not a choice.

Sabrina Jeffries

#kidnapping #romance #humor

Damn. I never should have agreed to this. What is he thinking? Here we are in a piece of crap pickup truck on our way to sit outside of a supermarket to kidnap this girl. Damn. He’d better not be falling for her. Sure she’s cute, but I can’t think about that.

Jenna-Lynne Duncan

#kidnapping #new-orleans #romance #young-adult #new-adult

She’s not showing any interest in me and she looks like she doesn’t want to be here. Should I take off her handcuffs? I thought kidnap victims were supposed to fall in love with their captors?

Jarod Kintz

#fall-in-love #handcuffs #interest #kidnap #kidnapped

I have left orders to be awakened at any time during national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting.

Ronald Reagan

#humor #napping #politics #humor

Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.

Charles M. Schulz

#humor #live-in-the-moment #napping #humor

If you wanted to kidnap someone, what would you use?" she asked Amit. They were lying in bed, with the lights off. To knock them unconscious. So that you could drag them into the back of your van." Chloroform, I guess." Really?" She brightened. It made her happy that the person she was marrying would commit crimes in the same way as she would.

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

#love #marriage #love

It seemed to be inadmissible to give in on such a fundamental point. This would have meant that any one who would have wanted to be a terrorist could gain eventually their freedom thanks to another kidnapping.

Robert Bourassa

#any #could #eventually #freedom #fundamental

Most important, though, I had to wait until I found the perfect traveling/eating/drinking/napping companion. And I did finally find him, two years ago - my Brazilian-born, French-speaking, wine-worshipping, tripe-consuming, uncomplaining traveler of a sweetheart.

Elizabeth Gilbert

#companion #did #drinking #eating #finally

This just didn’t happen to girls like me. This just didn’t happen to anyone.

Jenna-Lynne Duncan

#kidnapped #kidnapping #teen #young-adult #teen

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