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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #sustainability

Why is it that so many people start to value money so much that they trade in most of the hours and years of their life in order to get it?

Andy Couturier

#environmentalism #green #japan #sustainability #money

The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

#future #green #renewable #renewable energy #sustainability

We need – more urgently than architectural utopias, ingenious traffic disposal systems, or ecological programmes – to comprehend the nature of citizenship, to make serious imaginative assessment of that special relationship between the self and the city; its unique plasticity, its privacy and freedom.

Jonathan Raban

#citizenship #inspirational #sustainability #architecture

Sustainable farms are to today's headlong rush toward global destruction what the monasteries were to the Dark Ages: places to preserve human skills and crafts until some semblance of common sense and common purpose returns to the public mind.

Gene Logsdon

#sustainability #age

When we use these words and we talk about plants having a strategy to do this or wanting this or desiring this, we’re being metaphorical obviously. I mean, plants do not have consciousness. But, this is a fault of our own vocabulary. We don’t have a very good vocabulary to describe what others species do to us, because we think we’re the only species that really does anything.

Michael Pollan

#diet #green #health #nutrition #sustainability

If we are going to start calling industrial corn sustainable, then we might as well say that petroleum is a renewable resource if you're willing to wait long enough.

Catherine Friend

#humor #sustainability #food

I think all people want freedom, but they've got this idea inserted into their head about money.

Andy Couturier

#environmentalism #freedom #japan #sustainability #freedom

Manufacturers have long chosen plastic for their products on the basis of price and functionality., But creating a more sustainable relationship with plastics will require a new dexterity on our part. It will require us to think about the entire life cycle of the products we create and use.

Susan Freinkel

#sustainability #life

For all the environmental troubles single-use shopping bags cause, the much greater impacts are in what they contain. reducing the human footprint means addressing fundamentally unsustainable habits of food consumption, such as expecting strawberries in the depths of winter or buying of seafood that are being fished to the brink of extinction.

Susan Freinkel

#sustainability #food

We need to defend the interests of those whom we've never met and never will.

Jeffrey D. Sachs

#humanity-and-society #life #sustainability #wealth #life

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