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Terence McKenna

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Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.

— Terence McKenna

#gun #sustainability #western-civilization #civilization

You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.

— Terence McKenna

#motivation #life

If you don't have a plan, you become part of somebody else's plan.

— Terence McKenna


Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego.

— Terence McKenna

#life #psychedelics #shamanism #slavery #experience

Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.

— Terence McKenna


The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.

— Terence McKenna

#culture #dreams #history #imagination #dreams

It is the imagination that argues for the Divine Spark within human beings. It is literally a decent of the World's Soul into all of us.

— Terence McKenna

#human #imagination #soul #world #imagination

Human history is a Gaian dream.

— Terence McKenna

#gaia #history #human #dreams

I’ll try to be around and about. But if I’m not, then you know that I’m behind your eyelids, and I’ll meet you there

— Terence McKenna


A hallucination is a species of reality, as capable of teaching you as a videotape about Kilimanjaro or anything else that falls through your life.

— Terence McKenna

#imagination #reality #imagination

About Terence McKenna

Terence McKenna Quotes

Did you know about Terence McKenna?

When he later discovered that the end of the 13th baktun in the Maya Calendar had been correlated by Western Maya scholars with December 21 not far from his own hypothesized end date he decided that the Maya were more likely to be right on this subject and he adopted their end date. All these factors according to McKenna were the most important factors that promoted evolution towards the Homo sapiens species. He was introduced to geology through his uncle and developed a hobby of solitary fossil hunting in the arroyos near his home.

He was noted for his knowledge and the ability to articulate his knowledge of the use of psychedelics metaphysics plant-based entheogens and subjects ranging from shamanism language historical and civilizational timelines the theoretical origins of human consciousness and his concept of novelty theory. Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16 1946 – April 3 2000) was an American ethnobotanist philosopher psychonaut researcher teacher lecturer and writer.

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