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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #tsunami

On behalf of my native Japan, I am grateful to the culinary community and hospitality industry for working together to raise much-needed funds to aid the tsunami and earthquake victims.

Masaharu Morimoto

#am #behalf #community #culinary #earthquake

Being here, it is just impossible to imagine what that was like, when the tsunami hit.

Connie Sellecca

#here #hit #imagine #impossible #just

There was a tsunami and there are terrible natural disasters, all of this because of too little Torah study.

Ovadia Yosef

#disasters #little #natural #natural disasters #study

Trying to resist my love is like trying to hold back a tsunami with a surfboard. My advice is to take up boogie boarding. 

Jarod Kintz

#boogie-boarding #love #surf #surfboard #tsunami

Did you know that the word "tsunami," which is now being used worldwide, is a Japanese word? This is indicative of the extent to which Japan has been subject to frequent tsunami disasters in the past.

Junichiro Koizumi

#being #being used #did #disasters #extent

Yes, an actual full-sized camel. If you find that confusing, just think how the criosphinx must have felt. Where did the camel come from, you ask? I may have mentioned Walt’s collection of amulets. Two of them summoned disgusting camels. I’d met them before, so I was less than excited when a ton of dromedary flesh flew across my line of sight, plowed into the sphinx, and collapsed on top of it. The sphinx growled in outrage as it tried to free itself. The camel grunted and farted. “Hindenburg,” I said. Only one camel could possibly fart that badly. “Walt, why in the world—?” “Sorry!” he yelled. “Wrong amulet!” The technique worked, at any rate. The camel wasn’t much of a fighter, but it was quite heavy and clumsy. The criosphinx snarled and clawed at the floor, trying unsuccessfully to push the camel off; but Hindenburg just splayed his legs, made alarmed honking sounds, and let loose gas. I moved to Walt’s side and tried to get my bearings.

Rick Riordan

#destruction #earthquakes #floods #funny #funny-and-random

The generosity of the American public toward the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami has been reflected in the outpouring of support for the Pakistani earthquake victims.

Jon Porter

#american public #been #earthquake #generosity #hurricane

A massive state and federal effort, the likes of which we've never seen is going to be needed. We can do it for tsunami victims half a world away. We can do it for our own citizens.

Al Roker

#citizens #effort #federal #going #half

We think we have a responsibility. And I think it's important for all of us in the Western world to realize that we've all been blessed a lot and if you go to these parts they don't have a lot, even before the tsunami.

Kevin Rollins

#before #blessed #even #go #i

With the art therapy, as soon as they saw the paper and crayons coming, we couldn't get it out fast enough. And we told them to draw about the tsunami.

Connie Sellecca

#art #coming #crayons #draw #enough

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