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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #womanhood

She did not date. She did not have time for men. Men were never, ever worth a great amount of energy. She was the kind of woman that looked down on what she called ‘settlers’, women who chose love and fleeting passion that turned to dull, lifeless marriages over a career and independence.

Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney

#love #womanhood #dating

I am the woman at the water’s edge, offering you oranges for the peeling, knife glistening in the sun. This is the scent and taste of my skin: citon and sweet. Touch me and your life will unfold before you, easily as this skirt billows then sinks, lapping against my legs, my toes filtering through the rivers silt. Following the current out to sea, I am the kind of woman who will come back to haunt your dreams, move through your humid nights the way honey swirls through a cup of hot tea

Shara McCallum

#dreams #love #romance #woman #womanhood

Women are extraordinary creatures!

Roman Payne

#extraordinary #extraordinary-women #fashion #gender #gender-equality

Whenever a woman strengthens the faith of a child, she contributes to the strength of a family - now and in the future.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

#faith #womanhood #faith

101 Reason why its its great to be a woman : Since the advent of feminism, we can publicly ogle male bodies and not be called sexist. If a man indulges in this behavior over a picture of naked woman, he is a sexist pig, and recompense must be demanded for this slight on womankind.

Summersdale Publishers

#funny #humour #woman #womanhood #funny

A girl got a nosebleed, so I gave her a tampon and warned her about the responsibilities of womanhood. “You’re going to get a lot of guys trying to stick things up there,” I said. Now she’s a mouth breather.


#humor #menstrual-cycles #nosebleeds #womanhood #funny

It was a rather extraordinary conversation if you think about it -- both of us speaking in code. But not military code, not Intelligence or Resistance code -- just feminine code.

Elizabeth Wein

#womanhood #women #intelligence

Envy, jealousy, revenge and negativity are some of the basic instinct of women. They cannot help it. We prefer negative thoughts at first place due to the feeling of insecurity.


#women #jealousy

A woman's happiness is in throwing everything away to live for love.

Ai Yazawa

#life-lessons #live #love #woman #womanhood

She is the woman that contradicts Simone de Beauvoir's saying "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." She is the woman that makes your tooth pain seem like a trivial matter in comparison to the heartaches she causes as she deliberately passes by your side. She is the woman that makes your throat feel swollen and your tie to suddenly seem too tight. She is the woman that is able to take you to the seven heavens with a whisper; straight to cloud number nine.. She is the woman that erases all other women unintentionally and becomes without demanding the despot of your heart. She is the woman that sends you back and forth to purgatory and resurrects you with each unintended touch. She is the woman that will ask of you to burn Rome just to collect for her a handful of dust.

Malak El Halabi

#poetry-quotations #woman-s-charm #womanhood #women #love

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