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Miserable Confessions

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i have friend who i know from school and i always pitied him since was relatively poor. he is the only son in family of 3 sisters and had too many responsibilities on his head. i used to smirk at his bad luck and considered him stupid, unworthy of being in my company. i thought any association with him only brings bad luck. i never invited him to any important events in my life. Out of pity i met him and his wife once to show off my lavish lifestyle car and success. i derived some wicked pleasure in making his look a loser in front of his wife. this was 4 years ago since then my life has not been the same. I sincerely want to apologise for my boorish behaviour and attitude towards him and especially his wife. There is a part of me which for some reason hates him. i don’t know why but i want to confess my inability to overcome that to god. seek his forgiveness and repent. i hope he forgives me. Help me god. Take me out of my miserable existence.I wish him and family well.


My sister has made me cry so much in the pass two days, we are on vacation and it’s supposed to be fun. I am so miserable she used to be very verbally and mentally and physically abusive my mom has never cared. I just want to kill myself and I want her to know it’s her fault, I want her to hurt for the rest of her life how she has made me hurt. I can’t stand being alive. I just wanna die. Like today we were somewhere and she walked ahead of me and my other sister and then started screaming at me over the phone then says “I’m gonna beat you keep you attitude up.” Then says “I’m gonna smack the shit out of you” And it made me cry in public because I thought she was gonna hit me, and her hits really hurt. She said “sorry I love you bye” and then I said “alright bye” then she said “your a fucking bitch”

#abusivesister   #abusive   #kms   #iwannadie   #miserable  

I have several antipathies against my flat mate. I am really excited if something happens that makes her life miserable. And I do everything in my power to make her life a living hell (but she doesn't know anything!)

#antipathy   #miserable   #hell  

I'm dead on the inside, I just feel miserable and sad all the time.
If it weren't to my son, I already would have killed myself. I just don't want to live anymore.

#miserable   #sad   #kill   #son   #live   #suicide  

I hate my job! I hate my life!I hate my wifeI am miserable.

#hate   #furious   #wife   #job   #boss   #miserable  

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