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Willpower Confessions

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The first time I was just teasing and having fun when I rubbed my ass against his huge package. I wanted to watch it grow and give him pain. And it did, but I meant no harm. But I do like rubbing his bulge. Now he touches and grabs me here and there when no one is watching. I like it but limit him. He wants to sleep with me and doesn't like my telling him to wait a couple of years. Sometimes I feel my defenses go down as my urges go up. And I do have will power or I wouldn't be a virgin for all these years. I don't dare tell him I think of him when I masturbate. My parents would disown us both if I gave in and ended up pregnant. I put myself in a predicament.

#predicament   #bulge   #rub   #grab   #touches   #teen   #tease   #fun   #sex   #vulnerable   #willpower   #pregnant   #friend   #parents   #masturbate  

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