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Adam Ferguson

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In every commercial state, notwithstanding any pretension to equal rights, the exaltation of a few must depress the many.

— Adam Ferguson

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Man, in his animal capacity, is qualified to subsist in every climate.

— Adam Ferguson

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The artist finds, that the more he can confine his attention to a particular part of any work, his productions are the more perfect, and grow under his hands in the greater quantities.

— Adam Ferguson

#artist #attention #confine #finds #greater

The history of mankind is confined within a limited period, and from every quarter brings an intimation that human affairs have had a beginning.

— Adam Ferguson

#beginning #brings #confined #every #had

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Adam Ferguson Quotes

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In his ethical system Ferguson treats man as a social being illustrating his doctrines by political examples. His membership of The Poker Club is recorded in its minute book of 1776. ) – 22 February 1816) was a Scottish philosopher and historian of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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