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Alexander Kerensky

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About Alexander Kerensky

Alexander Kerensky Quotes

Did you know about Alexander Kerensky?

Furthermore Vladimir Lenin and his BolAlexander Kerenskyvik party were promising "peace land and bread" under a communist system. Following July Days unrest in Petrograd and suppression of the BolAlexander Kerenskyviks Kerensky succeeded Prince Lvov as Russia's Prime Minister. Kerensky narrowly escaped and spent the next few weeks in hiding before fleeing the country eventually arriving in France.

22 April] 1881 – 11 June 1970) was a major political leader before and during the Russian Revolutions of 1917. Kerensky served as the second Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government until it was overthrown by the BolAlexander Kerenskyviks under Vladimir Lenin in the October Revolution. S.

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