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Read through the most famous quotes from Anacreon

Cursed be he above all others Who's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter.

— Anacreon

#brings #brothers #cursed #enslaved #love

I both love and do not love; and am mad and not mad.

— Anacreon

#both #i #love #mad

About Anacreon

Did you know about Anacreon?

It is likely that Anacreon fled into exile with the mass of his fellow-townsmen who sailed to Thrace when their homeland was attacked. Anacreon (Greek Ἀνακρέων gen. When this circle was broken up by the assassination of Hipparchus Anacreon seems to have returned to his native town of Teos where according to a metrical epitaph ascribed to his friend Simonides he died and was buried.

Anacreon (Greek Ἀνακρέων gen. Later Greeks included him in the canonical list of nine lyric poets.

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