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Anatoli Boukreev

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Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.

— Anatoli Boukreev


Climbing is what I do.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#i #i do

Concerned that others were not coming onto the summit and because I had no radio link to those below me, I began to wonder if there were difficulties down the mountain. I made the decision to descend.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#began #below #coming #concerned #decision

I am not sure the others are as committed as Rob Hall and Scott Fischer. I think there is more business now, and I know it will be impossible to stop this Everest business.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#business #committed #everest #fischer #hall

I don't know what being an Everest guide means. I am a coach, not a guide.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#being #coach #everest #guide #i

I offer my expertise and experience for hire in order to help a group of people reach the summit.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#expertise #group #help #hire #i

I respect Everest very much.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#i #much #respect #very

I said to Scott that the ascent seemed to be going slowly and that I was concerned descending climbers could possibly run out of oxygen before their return to camp IV.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#before #camp #climbers #concerned #could

A review of summit day photographs will show that I was clothed in the latest, highest quality, high altitude gear, comparable, if not better, than that worn by the other members of our expedition.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#better #clothed #comparable #day #expedition

I told them, you can succeed - it's not likely the first time, maybe 25 per cent, but you CAN succeed. You can also die. By April 16 they had already been to camp III, well ahead of most teams.

— Anatoli Boukreev

#already #also #april #been #camp

About Anatoli Boukreev

Anatoli Boukreev Quotes

Did you know about Anatoli Boukreev?

He decided on the solo ascent because he hoped that in the process of climbing it he might find some inner clarity to what had just transpired on Everest. They were accompanied by Dimitri Sobolev a cinematographer from Kazakhstan who was documenting the attempt. Boukreev found himself in a dangerous position.

In 1997 Boukreev was killed in an avalanche during a winter ascent of Annapurna in Nepal. Anatoli Nikoliavich Boukreev Russian: Анато́лий Никола́евич Букре́ев (January 16 1958 – December 25 1997) was an ethnic-Russian Kazakhstani mountaineer who made ascents of seven of the fourteen Eight-thousander peaks i. e.

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