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Beryl Bainbridge

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There are many things in this life capable of throwing people off course - the death of someone close, the loss of income or health, the realisation that cherished hopes cannot always be fulfilled

— Beryl Bainbridge


Being constantly with children was like wearing a pair of shoes that were expensive and too small. She couldn't bear to throw them out, but they gave her blisters.

— Beryl Bainbridge

#being #blisters #children #constantly #expensive

Everything else you grow out of, but you never recover from childhood.

— Beryl Bainbridge

#else #everything #grow #never #out

I've never been drawn to the feminist movement. I was brought up to believe that men had little to do with the home or children - except to bring in the money.

— Beryl Bainbridge

#believe #bring #brought #children #drawn

It seems to me that a mutually beneficial relationship between a man and woman requires the man to be dominant. A sensible woman will allow the man to think he is the most important partner.

— Beryl Bainbridge

#beneficial #between #dominant #important #man

When I got a telly we had no aerial, but I discovered that if I or one of the children stood by it you could get a picture. So I had to make a statue that could stand by the telly.

— Beryl Bainbridge

#children #could #discovered #get #got

About Beryl Bainbridge

Beryl Bainbridge Quotes

Did you know about Beryl Bainbridge?

The summer Beryl Bainbridge left school Beryl Bainbridge fell in love with a former German POW who was waiting to be repatriated. In the late 1970s Beryl Bainbridge wrote a screenplay based on her novel Sweet William.

Bainbridge won the Whitbread Awards prize for best novel in 1977 and 1996; Beryl Bainbridge was nominated five times for the Booker Prize. In 2008 The Times newspaper named Bainbridge among their list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945". She was primarily known for her works of psychological fiction often set among the English working classes.

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