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Christopher Love

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Pray in your family daily, that yours may be in the number of the families who call upon God.

— Christopher Love

#call #daily #families #god #may

I am now going from a prison to a palace: I have finished my work, and am now going to receive my wages.

— Christopher Love

#finished #going #i #i am #now

Blessed be God that Thou hast filled the soul of Thy servant with joy and peace in believing.

— Christopher Love

#blessed #blessed be #filled #god #hast

If the Lord should bring a wicked man to heaven, heaven would be hell to him; for he who loves not grace upon earth will never love it in heaven.

— Christopher Love

#earth #grace #heaven #hell #him

Most Glorious and eternal Majesty, Thou art righteous and holy in all thou dost to the sons of men, though thou hast suffered men to condemn Thy servant, Thy servant will not condemn Thee.

— Christopher Love

#condemn #dost #eternal #glorious #hast

He hath desired to bring the souls of other men to heaven; let his soul be brought to heaven.

— Christopher Love

#brought #desired #hath #heaven #his

Pour not on the comforts you want, but upon the mercies you have. Look rather at God's ending in afflicting, than to the measure and degree of your affliction.

— Christopher Love

#comforts #degree #ending #god #look

About Christopher Love

Did you know about Christopher Love?

London 1652);
Heaven's Glory Hell's Terror (350 pp. Life
He became domestic chaplain to John Warner the Christopher Loveriff of London. Ann's Aldersgate but was for three years refused his allowance by William Juxon the bishop of London; Laud had warned Juxon to keep an eye on Love.

He went to his death as a hero and martyr of the Presbyterian faction which had petitioned in vain for his pardon. Christopher Love (1618 – 22 August 1651) was a Welsh Protestant preacher and advocate of Presbyterianism at the time of the English Civil War.

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