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Claude Vorilhon

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There is nothing glorious about what our ancestors call history. It is simply a succession of mistakes, intolerances and violations.

— Claude Vorilhon

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Cloning will enable mankind to reach eternal life.

— Claude Vorilhon

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If we have been brought up with the idea that life is for suffering and sacrifice, then of course we would seek death to escape this 'vale of tears'.

— Claude Vorilhon

#brought #course #death #escape #idea

About Claude Vorilhon

Did you know about Claude Vorilhon?

In Vorilhon's book Extraterrestrials took me to their planet (book number 2 in the volume Intelligent Design) he said that animation of plant life was possible through nanotechnology and that he was presented genetically modified flowers that swayed and changed colors with music while on another planet. The judgment remains uncollected. In this book Vorhilhon describes harmonious and peaceable beings who were free of money sickness and war.

Following what he said was an extraterrestrial encounter in December 1973 he formed the Raëlian Movement and changed his name to Raël (allegedly meaning "messenger of the elohim"). He traveled the world to promote his books for over 30 years. Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon (born 30 September 1946 in Vichy Allier France) is the founder and current leader of the UFO religion known as Raëlism.

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