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Cofer Black

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As long as there are people who are not happy with their lot in life, as long as the United States is perceived to somehow be the cause of this unhappiness, there will be terrorism.

— Cofer Black

#happy #life #long #lot #people

I was an intelligence officer, not a policy-maker.

— Cofer Black

#intelligence #officer

No matter how many plots we uncover and disrupt, no matter how many terrorist organizations we degrade or destroy, another individual or group will rise to take their place.

— Cofer Black

#degrade #destroy #disrupt #group #how

Osama bin Laden's own words stated he has a war against the United States. He declared that American civilians should be considered as combatants.

— Cofer Black

#american #bin #civilians #combatants #considered

The only way to address terrorism is to deal with the issues that create terrorism, to resolve them where possible, and where that's not possible to ensure that there is an alternative to violence.

— Cofer Black

#alternative #create #deal #ensure #issues

The Pakistani government under Musharraf is a strong and key player in the global war on terrorism, and their contribution has been second to none.

— Cofer Black

#contribution #global #global war #government #key

We have to be mindful that there is the certainty that terrorists will attempt to launch multiple attacks against their enemy, which is us and our allies.

— Cofer Black

#allies #attacks #attempt #certainty #enemy

We operate under the law. Covert action authorities are communicated in a memorandum of notification.

— Cofer Black

#authorities #communicated #covert #law #memorandum

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Cofer Black Quotes

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The next year he earned a Master's degree in international relations also at USC. S. They sought to surround Afghanistan with secure covert bases for CIA operations — as many bases as they could arrange.

S. He then served as the chairman of the privately owned intelligence gathering company Total Intelligence Solutions until his current appointment as the Vice President of Blackbird Technologies a technology solutions provider based in the Washington DC area.

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