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Cyril Falls

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The very exercise of leadership fosters capacity for it.

— Cyril Falls

#capacity #exercise #fosters #very

Leadership is particularly necessary to ensure ready acceptance of the unfamiliar and that which is contrary to tradition.

— Cyril Falls

#contrary #ensure #leadership #necessary #particularly

So long as large armies go to battle, so long will the air arm remain their spearhead.

— Cyril Falls

#arm #armies #battle #go #large

About Cyril Falls

Did you know about Cyril Falls?

The History of the 36th (Ulster) Division (1921) (Reprinted 1998 ISBN 978-0-09-478310-2)
Military Operations - Egypt and Palestine Vol I. Later he wrote both detailed specialist histories as well as histories intended for the average reader. Cyril Bentham Falls CBE (Mar.

He was born in Dublin and died in Walton-on-Thames Surrey. Cyril Bentham Falls CBE (Mar.

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