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Dave Pelzer

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Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.

— Dave Pelzer


Even in its darkest passages, the heart is unconquerable. It is important that the body survives, but it is more meaningful that the human spirit prevails.

— Dave Pelzer

#survival #adversity

I was abused my family was the "brady bunch

— Dave Pelzer


The most beautiful highway in the world

— Dave Pelzer


David what your mother did to you was wrong. Verry wrong.No child deserves to be treated like that. She's sick.

— Dave Pelzer


My message has always been about resilience.

— Dave Pelzer

#always #been #message #resilience

If people have a basic understanding of right from wrong, possess a strong desire to better themselves and persist in there cause, they can break the chain of any negative environment.

— Dave Pelzer

#basic #basic understanding #better #break #cause

To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.

— Dave Pelzer

#best #help #learn #make #mistake

Everybody has a tragedy or two in their lives.

— Dave Pelzer

#lives #their #tragedy #two

Ask yourself: was there anything I could have done to prevent the situation? If the answer is yes, do something now and become a better person for it.

— Dave Pelzer

#anything #ask #become #better #better person

About Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer Quotes

Did you know about Dave Pelzer?

A New York Times article queried the reliability of Pelzer's recollections and describes Pelzer zealously promoting his book and preoccupied with its standing on the The New York Times Best Seller list. Memoirs
A Child Called It (1995) ISBN 9781558743669
The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family (1997) ISBN 9781558745155
A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness (2000) ISBN 9780452281905
Help Yourself (2001) ISBN 9780452282766
The Privilege of Youth (2004) ISBN 9780452286290
Help Yourself for Teens (2005) ISBN 9780452286528
Moving Forward (2009) ISBN 9781599950662

Awards and recognition
JC Penney Golden Rule Award (1990)
California Volunteer of the Year (1991)
Ten Outstanding Young Americans (1993)
Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (1994)
National Jefferson Award (2005). Pelzer wrote in his book that as a child he was continually abused mistreated and beaten by his mother who thought of it as a game.

He is now living in a different state with his second wife and kids. He joined the Air Force in 1979 and later became an author. The book describes how his mother starved him forced him to drink ammonia stabbed him in the stomach burned his arm on a gas stove and forced him to eat his own vomit.

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