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Eddie Redmayne

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I walk around talking to myself in accents. Usually people look at me like I'm a complete fruit loop.

— Eddie Redmayne

#around #complete #fruit #i #like

A lot of people think theatre must be much harder work than film, but anything histrionic or superfluous gets seen on camera so you have to work to distil it into a complete sense of what's true.

— Eddie Redmayne

#camera #complete #film #gets #harder

I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a new group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again.

— Eddie Redmayne

#all day #always #camp #day #describe

I do get stopped a bit now and then, but I can go to the supermarket and on the Tube without being noticed. It's usually me that gets starstruck, especially by TV stars.

— Eddie Redmayne

#bit #especially #get #gets #go

If I do a film and have to get naked, that tends to dictate how often I go to the gym. Acting in 'Richard II' on stage was a huge physical workout, so I ended up more toned than I normally am.

— Eddie Redmayne

#am #dictate #ended #film #get

If you're an English actor and turn up in America, they don't have an opinion about where you sit. They have no idea what auditions to send you to, so they send you to everything.

— Eddie Redmayne

#actor #america #auditions #english #everything

It's the weird thing Eton does - you're at school next to lords and earls and, in my case, Prince William, so you end up being used to dealing with those sorts of people.

— Eddie Redmayne

#being used #case #dealing #does #end

Ladies and babies, and mortgages, for that matter, can all wait. Acting has done a strange thing to me, though. I often sit there, thinking, 'I love this, but I wouldn't put my daughter on the stage.'

— Eddie Redmayne

#babies #daughter #done #i #i love

Most actors hate watching their own films because all you can see is the glaring mistakes, your own tricks and ticks.

— Eddie Redmayne

#films #glaring #hate #mistakes #most

They're such hierarchical things, film sets, they're sort of mini societies. Often they're incredibly political places.

— Eddie Redmayne

#hierarchical #incredibly #mini #often #places

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Eddie Redmayne Quotes

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List of University of Cambridge members. He reprised his role in Red at the John Golden Theatre on Broadway in a 15-week run from 11 March to 27 June 2010 and won the 2010 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play. Edward John David "Eddie" Redmayne (born 6 January 1982) is an English actor singer and model.

He also received the 2011 Critics' Circle Theatre Award for Best Shakespearean Performance for his portrayal of Richard II at London's Donmar Warehouse. In 2012 Redmayne co-starred as Marius Pontmercy in the musical film Les Miserables. Edward John David "Eddie" Redmayne (born 6 January 1982) is an English actor singer and model.

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