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Edward Bach

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In our western civilization we have the glorious example, the great standard of perfection and the teachings of the Christ to guide us. He acts for us as Mediator between our personality and our Soul.

— Edward Bach

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About Edward Bach

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In 1917 Bach had a malignant tumor removed from his spleen. Their use has been mostly confined to British homeopathy practitioners. He believed that early morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water so he would collect the dew drops from the plants and preserve the dew with an equal amount of brandy to produce a mother tincture which would be further diluted before use.

: /ˈbætʃ/; September 24 1886 – November 27 1936) was a British physicianhomeopath bacteriologist and spiritual writer best known for developing a range of remedies called the Bach flower remedies a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions.

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