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Evelyn Glennie

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I hope the seeds I have sown will be taken up by those who will follow me because the journey I have begun cannot be undertaken in isolation.

— Evelyn Glennie

#begun #cannot #follow #hope #i

Society cannot continue to disable themselves through their need to categorize people or make assumptions as to another individual's abilities.

— Evelyn Glennie

#assumptions #cannot #categorize #continue #individual

Apart from Scottish traditional music, I wasn't really influenced by any kind of music. I just basically followed my own instincts.

— Evelyn Glennie

#apart #basically #followed #i #influenced

Before my teen years, I was losing my hearing pretty quickly, and I was getting very, very angry. I was beginning to become an angry person because of that.

— Evelyn Glennie

#angry person #because #become #before #beginning

Percussion is the most adaptable family of instruments. The biggest challenge is to project percussion in a lyrical way.

— Evelyn Glennie

#biggest #biggest challenge #challenge #family #instruments

A large part of my work has been collaborating with composers; I think we've commissioned about 140 pieces now, a lot of them percussion concertos.

— Evelyn Glennie

#been #collaborating #commissioned #composers #i

A lot of things which come with a high profile will always be criticised one way or another.

— Evelyn Glennie

#another #come #criticised #high #high profile

Anything you strike, anything you shake or rattle, or just anything that can be picked up, and you can create a sound.

— Evelyn Glennie

#create #just #picked #rattle #shake

As we live longer and healthier for longer, we need to keep ourselves busy... the diary is pretty full.

— Evelyn Glennie

#diary #full #healthier #keep #live

Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch.

— Evelyn Glennie

#doing #enjoy #experiences #feel #having

About Evelyn Glennie

Evelyn Glennie Quotes

Did you know about Evelyn Glennie?

She also performed in Sesame Street and on CBeebies in Zingzillas

Glennie has won many awards including:
Best Chamber Music Performance in the Grammy Awards of 1989
Scot of the Year 1982
Queen's Commendation prize for all round excellence 1985
Scotswoman of the Decade 1990
Best Studio and Live Percussionist from Rhythm Magazine 1998 2000 2002 2003 & 2004
Walpole Medal of Excellence 2002
Musical America Instrumentalist of the Year 2003
Sabian Lifetime Achievement Award 2006
Percussive Arts Society: Hall of Fame – November 2008
She has been awarded 15 honorary doctorates from universities in the United Kingdom the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1993 and was promoted to Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the New Year's Honours of 2007. She also plays the Great Highland Bagpipes and has her own registered tartan known as "The Rhythms of Evelyn Glennie".

Dame Evelyn Elizabeth Ann GlennieDBE (born 19 July 1965) is a Scottish virtuosa percussionist.

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