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Gene Wolfe

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My definition of good literature is that which can be read by an educated reader, and reread with increased pleasure.

— Gene Wolfe


He shook his head. "Everyone fears me, except you, Latro. When a man is respected, no one wants to plant a dagger in his back. When he is feared, everyone thinks upon it, and tests the point.

— Gene Wolfe


We talked of love, and all we said would fill a book thicker than this. Yet all we said was only this: that I loved her and she loved me, and we had waited long and long, would be parted no longer.

— Gene Wolfe

#love #sir-able-of-the-high-heart #love

My rule is never save bits. They get the way, and you don't think of anything new. Put 'em in. Make a big mess.

— Gene Wolfe


Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard.

— Gene Wolfe

#echo #knowledge #lost #mist #soon

Ambiguity is necessary in some of my stories, not in all. In those, it certainly contributes to the richness of the story. I doubt that thematic closure is never attainable.

— Gene Wolfe

#attainable #certainly #closure #contributes #doubt

You seem to think that the only genuine existence evil can have is conscious existence - that no one is evil unless he admits it to himself. I disagree.

— Gene Wolfe

#disagree #evil #existence #genuine #himself

Online publication is fine with me, in part because I hope to collect those stories later.

— Gene Wolfe

#collect #fine #hope #i #later

A youthful American voice isn't particularly challenging - I've been a young American, and they're all around me. I can walk from my house to Barrington High School.

— Gene Wolfe

#around #been #challenging #high #high school

He's not rewarding us by talking to us. He's talking to us because He has something to say to us directly, as opposed to the things He says to all humanity.

— Gene Wolfe

#directly #humanity #opposed #rewarding #say

About Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe Quotes

Did you know about Gene Wolfe?

The three Sun works (The Book of the New Sun The Book of the Long Sun and The Book of the Short Sun) are often referred to collectively as the "Solar Cycle. Short stories

The following are short stories that have been included in publiGene Wolfed Gene Wolfe short story collections
"A Cabin on the Coast" (1984) collected in Endangered Species

Memorare (2007) collected in The Years Best SF 13

Wolfe has publiGene Wolfed a number of short chapbooks many publiGene Wolfed in very small quantities by Cheap Street. Gene Wolfe is the best writer alive.

In 1998 Locus magazine ranked it third-best fantasy novel before 1990 based on a poll of subscribers that considered it and several other series as single entries. Wolfe is most famous for The Book of the New Sun (four volumes 1980–83) the first part of his Solar Cycle. He is noted for his dense allusive prose as well as the strong influence of his Catholic faith to which he converted after marrying into the religion.

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