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Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

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Let some holy ambition invade our souls, so that, dissatisfied with mediocrity, we shall eagerly desire the highest things and shall toil with all our strength to obtain them, since we may if we wish.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#motivational #renaissance #inspirational

Whatever seeds each man cultivates will grow to maturity and bear in him their own fruit. If they be vegetative, he will be like a plant.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#cultivates #each #fruit #grow #him

Admittedly great though these reasons be, they are not the principal grounds, that is, those which may rightfully claim for themselves the privilege of the highest admiration.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#admittedly #claim #great #grounds #highest

But in its final creation it was not the part of the Father's power to fail as though exhausted. It was not the part of His wisdom to waver in a needful matter through poverty of counsel.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#creation #exhausted #fail #father #final

But, when the work was finished, the Craftsman kept wishing that there were someone to ponder the plan of so great a work, to love its beauty, and to wonder at its vastness.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#craftsman #finished #great #kept #love

For why should we not admire more the angels themselves and the blessed choirs of heaven?

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#angels #blessed #choirs #heaven #more

God the Father, the supreme Architect, had already built this cosmic home we behold, the most sacred temple of His godhead, by the laws of His mysterious wisdom.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#architect #behold #built #cosmic #father

It was not the part of His kindly love that he who was to praise God's divine generosity in regard to others should be compelled to condemn it in regard to himself.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#condemn #divine #generosity #god #himself

On man when he came into life the Father conferred the seeds of all kinds and the germs of every way of life.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#conferred #every #father #germs #into

Spiritual beings, either from the beginning or soon thereafter, become what they are to be for ever and ever.

— Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

#beginning #beings #either #ever #soon

About Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Quotes

Did you know about Giovanni Pico della Mirandola?

For the rest of his life he remained very close friends with all three including the ascetic and violently anti-humanist Savonarola. The Kabbalah and the Hermetica were thought in Pico's time to be as ancient as the Old Testament and for that reason he accorded them an almost scriptural status. "
A portion of his Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem was publiGiovanni Pico della Mirandolad in Bologna after his death.

He is famed for the events of 1486 when at the age of 23 he proposed to defend 900 theses on religion philosophy natural philosophy and magic against all comers for which he wrote the famous Oration on the Dignity of Man which has been called the "Manifesto of the Renaissance" and a key text of Renaissance humanism and of what has been called the “Hermetic Reformation. ".

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