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Guido van Rossum

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I have this hope that there is a better way. Higher-level tools that actually let you see the structure of the software more clearly will be of tremendous value.

— Guido van Rossum

#better #better way #clearly #hope #i

If you decide to design your own language, there are thousands of sort of amateur language designer pitfalls.

— Guido van Rossum

#decide #design #designer #language #own

Mark Hammond is working in this area, with Windows Scripting Host. It is definitely an area where Python fits almost perfectly. That's quite independent from Java, actually.

— Guido van Rossum

#almost #area #definitely #fits #hammond

My own perception of that is somewhat colored by where people ask my advice, which is still, of course, about changes to Python internals or at least standard libraries.

— Guido van Rossum

#advice #ask #changes #colored #course

There was a project at Lawrence Livermore National Labs where many years ago they went down this path for scripting and controlling very large numerical calculations.

— Guido van Rossum

#calculations #controlling #down #labs #large

Yes, I definitely believe that it has some good cross-platform properties. Object orientation was one of the techniques I used to make Python platform independent.

— Guido van Rossum

#cross-platform #definitely #good #i #independent

About Guido van Rossum

Guido van Rossum Quotes

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Personal life
Guido van Rossum is the brother of Just van Rossum a type designer and also a programmer. In January 2013 Van Rossum started working with Dropbox. Just van Rossum designed the typeface that is used in the "Python Powered" logo.

In the Python community Van Rossum is known as a "Benevolent Dictator For Life" (BDFL) meaning that he continues to oversee the Python development process making decisions where necessary. Guido van Rossum (born 31 January 1956[citation needed]) is a Dutch computer programmer who is best known as the author of the Python programming language.

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