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Harry Lauder

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Tho' you're tired and weary, still journey on, Till you come to your happy abode, Where all the love you've been dreaming of, Will be there at the end of the road.

— Harry Lauder


Aye, I'm tellin' ye, happiness is one of the few things in this world that doubles every time you share it with someone else.

— Harry Lauder

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About Harry Lauder

Harry Lauder Quotes

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Harry Lauder is credited with giving the then 21 year-old portrait artist Cowan Dobson his opening into society by commissioning him in 1915 to paint his portrait. Of the more notable is one by Al Frueh (1880-1968) in 1911 and publiHarry Lauderd in 1913 in the New York World magazine another by Henry Mayo Bateman now in London's National Gallery and one by Alick P. His understanding of life its pathos and joys endeared him to all.

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