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Ibrahim Rugova

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So as far as Serbia is concerned, it does not have the right to influence the privatization or to claim any property, because Kosovo is a former member of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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Kosovo is a small country but it also has a lot of riches that were granted to us by God.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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I want to emphasize the fact that the independence of Kosovo should and will be recognized.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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First, we will focus on the privatization of small and medium sized enterprises, followed by the medium size industry and then we will move on to the heavy industry.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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However, we still have the problem of free travel and movement, since the Travel Documents issued by UNMIK as the substitute to passports, are not fully recognized yet by all countries.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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Kosovo today is closer to Europe than other countries in the region of South Eastern Europe.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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Today, our economy is divided: fifty percent is the public economy and fifty percent is the private economy that includes small companies employing from 4 to 200 workers.

— Ibrahim Rugova

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We had a lot of international help especially from the EU and USA, which helped us to get out of this phase of emergency, to give some dynamism to Kosova.

— Ibrahim Rugova

#emergency #especially #eu #get #give

We have the EURO as a currency, which means a lot. It has not just stabilized the situation in Kosovo politically and economically, but also facilitated the direct contact that we have with Europe.

— Ibrahim Rugova

#contact #currency #direct #direct contact #economically

About Ibrahim Rugova

Ibrahim Rugova Quotes

Did you know about Ibrahim Rugova?

In 1998 Rugova secured a second term as president but was placed at odds with the KLA as the Kosovo War broke out. He was readily identifiable by the silk neckscarf that he wore as a display of oppression in Kosovo and was known for his habit of giving visitors samples from his rock collection. As part of his studies he spent two years (1976–1977) at the École Pratique des Hautes Études of the University of Paris where he studied under Roland Barthes.

He oversaw a popular struggle for independence advocating a peaceful resistance to Yugoslav rule and lobbying for U. Effective power however was in the hands of the United Nations administration.

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