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James Clavell

Read through the most famous quotes from James Clavell

First the priests arrive. Then the conquistadores.

— James Clavell

#priests #religion #religion

Още сега стани скала, в която вълните на живота ще се удрят напразно...

— James Clavell

#life #inspirational

Horses are far worse than men for treachery...

— James Clavell


The sky Scorched by the sun, Weeps Fecund tears.

— James Clavell


God gives us intelligence to uncover the wonders of nature. Without the gift, nothing is possible.

— James Clavell

#gives #god #intelligence #nature #nothing

The search for the truth is the most important work in the whole world, and the most dangerous.

— James Clavell

#important #important work #most #search #the most important

About James Clavell

Did you know about James Clavell?

Later he was transferred to Changi Prison in Singapore. Films
The Fly (1958) (writer)
Watusi (1959) (writer)
Five Gates to Hell (1959) (writer and director)
Walk Like a Dragon (1960) (writer and director)
The Great Escape (1963) (co-writer)
633 Squadron (1964) (co-writer)
The Satan Bug (1965) (co-writer)
King Rat (1965) author of the novel (only)
To Sir with Love (1966) (writer and director)
The Sweet and the Bitter (1967) (writer and director)
Where's Jack? (1968) (director)
The Last Valley (1970) (writer and director)
Shōgun—miniseries (1980)
Tai-Pan (1986) author of the novel (only)
Noble House—miniseries (1988)
Tai-Pan and King Rat were adapted as feature films but Clavell was not directly involved in their writing. Featured much more prominently in King Rat he is an English FEPOW in Changi prison during World War II.

James Clavell (10 October 1924 – 6 September 1994) born Charles Edmund DuMaresq Clavell was an Australian-born British (later naturalized American) novelist screenwriter director and World War II veteran and prisoner of war. Clavell is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations along with such films as The Great Escape and To Sir with Love.

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