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James Darren

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Doing a TV show, you're on an assembly line and it's as cut and dry as that. There are some shows that are exceptions. There are producers that want really special things.

— James Darren

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Back in the Rat Pack days, we'd take Frank's plane and sit dead center, because of Nancy. We'd watch the Rat Pack in the center ring and you couldn't ask for a better thing.

— James Darren

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Sinatra was the biggest influence on my life, my singing career. And rightly so. I mean he was the best singer ever.

— James Darren

#biggest #biggest influence #career #ever #i

About James Darren

James Darren Quotes

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J. Subsequently he worked as a director on many action-based television series including Hunter The A-Team and Nowhere Man as well as dramas such as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. James William Ercolani (born June 8 1936) known by his stage name James Darren is an American television and film actor television director and singer.

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