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Janette Turner Hospital

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We inherit plots. There are only two or three in the world, five or six at most. We ride them like treadmills.

— Janette Turner Hospital

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About Janette Turner Hospital

Did you know about Janette Turner Hospital?

Turner Hospital also teaches literature and creative writing and has been writer-in-residence at universities in Australia Canada England and the US (MIT Boston University Colgate and the University of South Carolina). Bibliography
The Ivory Swing (novel) (1982)
The Tiger in the Tiger Pit (novel) (1983)
Borderline (novel) (1985)
Dislocations (short stories) (1986)
Charades (novel) (1988)
Isobars (short stories) (1990)
A Very Proper Death as Alex Juniper (novel) (1990)
The Last Magician (novel) (1992)
Oyster (novel) (1996)
Collected Stories (short stories) (1995)
Due Preparations for the Plague (novel) (2003)
North of Nowhere South of Loss (short stories) (2003)
Orpheus Lost (novel) (2007)
Forecast: Turbulence (short stories) (2012)

Notes. She was also a finalist (one of five) for Prime Minister's Literary Award for Fiction and for the Melbourne AGE Book of the Year Award for Fiction.

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