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Jaron Lanier

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A real friendship ought to introduce each person to unexpected weirdness in the other.

— Jaron Lanier


The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.

— Jaron Lanier

#computer #gadget #philosophy #change

Emphasizing the crowd means de-emphasizing individual humans in the design of society, and when you ask people not to be people, they revert to bad, mob-like behaviors.

— Jaron Lanier

#crowd #individuality #internet #mob #technology

Our willingness to suffer for the sake of the perception of freedom is remarkable.

— Jaron Lanier

#suffering #freedom

A digital sound sample in angry rap doesn't correspond to the graffiti but the wall.

— Jaron Lanier

#music #rap #sampling #music

Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won't fit into the template available to you on a social networking site.

— Jaron Lanier

#available #create #expresses #fit #into

An intelligent person feels guilty for downloading music without paying the musician, but they use this free-open-culture ideology to cover it.

— Jaron Lanier

#downloading #feels #guilty #ideology #intelligent

A remarkable thing about the Silicon Valley culture is that its status structure is so based on technical accomplishment and prowess.

— Jaron Lanier

#accomplishment #based #culture #prowess #remarkable

Google's thing is not advertising because it's not a romanticizing operation. It doesn't involve expression. It's a link. What they're doing is selling access.

— Jaron Lanier

#advertising #because #doing #expression #google

After my mother's death, I had such difficulty relating to people.

— Jaron Lanier

#death #difficulty #had #i #mother

About Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier Quotes

Did you know about Jaron Lanier?

Internet2 visiting scholar (1997–2001)
From 1997 to 2001 Lanier was the Chief Scientist of Advanced Network and Services which contained the Engineering Office of Internet2 and served as the Lead Scientist of the National Tele-immersion Initiative a coalition of research universities studying advanced applications for Internet2. Memberships
Lanier has served on numerous advisory boards including the Board of Councilors of the University of Southern California Medical Media Systems (a medical visualization spin-off company associated with Dartmouth College) Microdisplay Corporation and NY3D (developers of auto stereo displays). July 28–30 1992.

A pioneer in the field of VR Lanier and Thomas G. the first company to sell VR goggles and gloves. Lanier is also known as a composer of classical music and a collector of rare instruments; his acoustic album Instruments of Change (1994) features Asian wind and string instruments such as the khene mouth organ the suling flute and the sitar-like esraj.

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