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Jenny Holzer

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If you behaved nicely, the communists wouldn't exist.

— Jenny Holzer

#cynicism #politics #cynicism

Boredom makes you do crazy things.

— Jenny Holzer


A positive attitude means all the difference in the world.

— Jenny Holzer


Expressing anger is necessary.

— Jenny Holzer


Enjoy yourself because you can't change anything anyway.

— Jenny Holzer


I began to see that the short texts I was writing were poster material.

— Jenny Holzer

#i #material #poster #see #short

I am not free because I can be exploded anytime.

— Jenny Holzer

#anytime #because #exploded #free #i

The desperate things seem to require attention, the lovely things seem to elicit celebration. If I had to choose, I would go to the awful in the hope that doing something could yield a happier result.

— Jenny Holzer

#awful #celebration #choose #could #desperate

I seldom have my stuff up unless I'm testing it. If I'm worrying about a painting, I put it up and see if I detest it quickly or slowly. Otherwise I have things by other artists.

— Jenny Holzer

#artists #detest #i #other #otherwise

Expiring for love is beautiful but stupid.

— Jenny Holzer

#love #love is #stupid

About Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer Quotes

Did you know about Jenny Holzer?

She also uses texts from different contexts such as passages from de-classified US Army documents from the war in Iraq. In her 1986 exhibition at Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York Jenny Holzer introduced a total environment where viewers were confronted with the relentless visual buzz of a horizontal LED sign and stone benches leading up to an electronic altar. For the Venice Biennale in 1990 Holzer designed posters hats and t-shirts to be sold in the streets of Venice while her LED signboards and marble benches occupied the solemn and austere exhibition space (the original installation is retained in its entirety in the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo the organizing institution for the American Pavilion at the 1990 Venice Biennale).

Holzer lives and works in Hoosick Falls New York. Jenny Holzer (born July 29 1950[citation needed]) is an American conceptual artist.

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