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Jim Allchin

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There is no neat distinction between operating system software and the software that runs on top of it.

— Jim Allchin

#distinction #neat #operating #operating system #runs

We are pushing ahead as fast as we can for all audiences, whether for the business user, the child, or the digital music enthusiast.

— Jim Allchin

#audiences #business #child #digital #enthusiast

We can and must turn this around. If you're going to kill someone just pull the trigger.

— Jim Allchin

#going #just #kill #must #pull

We're obviously going to spend a lot in marketing because we think the product sells itself.

— Jim Allchin

#going #itself #lot #marketing #obviously

About Jim Allchin

Jim Allchin Quotes

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In September 2011 Allchin released a second blues-themed album: Overclocked. com). Facilities for supporting atomicity in operating systems.

After sixteen years at Microsoft Allchin retired in early 2007 — on the day that Microsoft officially released the Windows Vista operating system to consumers. He was responsible for many of the platform components from Microsoft including Microsoft Windows Windows Server server products such as SQL Server and developer technologies.

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