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Joe Simon

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Comic art is just different. It's art on its own terms.

— Joe Simon

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To look back and know that I have had a pivotal role in the development of comics is something I'm very proud of, although it's not something I think about unless someone brings it up.

— Joe Simon

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Which editor? I can't think of one editor I worked with as an editor. The various companies did have editors but we always acted as our own editor, so the question has no answer.

— Joe Simon

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About Joe Simon

Joe Simon Quotes

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and remained a team across the next two decades. Mainline publiJoe Simond four titles: the Western Bullseye: Western Scout; the war comic Foxhole since EC Comics and Atlas Comics were having success with war comics but promoting theirs as being written and drawn by actual veterans; In Love since their earlier romance comic Young Love was still being widely imitated; and the crime comic Police Trap which claimed to be based on genuine accounts by law-enforcement officials.

With his partner artist Jack Kirby he co-created Captain America one of comics' most enduring superheroes and the team worked extensively on such features at DC Comics as the 1940s Sandman and Sandy the Golden Boy and co-created the Newsboy Legion the Boy Commandos and Manhunter. Joseph Henry "Joe" Simon (born Hymie Simon; October 11 1913 – December 14 2011) was an American comic book writer artist editor and publiJoe Simonr. Simon was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1999.

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