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John C. Stennis

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Freedom of navigation through international waterways is critical to the international community and to nations in the region, including Iran.

— John C. Stennis

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I do believe the most important thing I can do now is to help young people understand the past and prepare for the future.

— John C. Stennis

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The Strait of Hormuz is an international waterway, and it is not helpful for any nation to suggest that it would attempt to restrict traffic through the strait.

— John C. Stennis

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About John C. Stennis

John C. Stennis Quotes

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Civil rights record
Originally Stennis was an ardent supporter of racial segregation like most Mississippi politicians. In 1973 Stennis was almost fatally wounded by two gunshots after being mugged outside his Washington home by two teenagers. His son John Hampton Stennis (born ca.

He was a Democrat who served in the Senate for over 41 years becoming its most senior member by his retirement. S. Senator from the state of Mississippi.

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