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John Hume

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I never thought in terms of being a leader. I thought very simply in terms of helping people.

— John Hume

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If the word 'No' was removed from the English language, Ian Paisley would be speechless.

— John Hume

#english language #ian #language #paisley #removed

Total ghettoization, because they were in charge of public housing, the local council, and they deliberately located people in a ghetto situation in order to ensure that they maintained control.

— John Hume

#charge #control #council #deliberately #ensure

Before the arrival of the Credit Union, people who were from the poor background or a working class background couldn't borrow from banks.

— John Hume

#background #banks #before #borrow #class

Every child growing up will look to their parents, my mother and my father. My grandmother lived with us. I picked up quite a bit of family lore and history from her, which was interesting.

— John Hume

#child #every #family #father #grandmother

I grew up in Derry, of course, and it was - Derry was the worst example of Northern Ireland's discrimination.

— John Hume

#discrimination #example #grew #i #ireland

I think that's not a question that one can answer accurately. I read a whole range of books, quite a lot of history at the time, and still do read a lot. I read very widely.

— John Hume

#answer #books #history #i #i think

I was grateful for the opportunity to make a difference. The political violence really started in 1970-1971. The political difficulties start a little bit beyond that.

— John Hume

#bit #difference #difficulties #grateful #i

In my opinion, what changed the situation eventually - and, of course, it took a lot of time to change it, things like that don't change in a week or a fortnight - was the new educational system.

— John Hume

#changed #course #educational #eventually #fortnight

Like everybody at that age, I read an awful lot of pulp fiction. But at the same time, I also read quite a bit of history and read that as much for pleasure as part of a curriculum.

— John Hume

#also #awful #bit #curriculum #everybody

About John Hume

John Hume Quotes

Did you know about John Hume?

State papers that have been released under the 30 year rule that an Irish diplomat 8 years later in 1979 believed John Hume supported the return of internment however the SDLP have strenuously denied this. Four Freedoms Freedom of Speech Medal Recipient 1996
Nobel Prize for Peace (co-recipient) 1998. of whom he has been a keen supporter all his life.

He was a founding member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party and was co-recipient of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize with David Trimble. He is regarded as one of the most important figures in the recent political history of Ireland and one of the architects of the Northern Ireland peace process there. Gregory the Great.

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