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John Yoo

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A decision by the Supreme Court to subject Guantanamo to judicial review would eliminate these advantages.

— John Yoo

#court #decision #eliminate #guantanamo #judicial

American soldiers had to guard prisoners on the inside while receiving mortar and weapons fire from the outside. Guantanamo is distant from any battlefield, making it far more secure.

— John Yoo

#american soldiers #any #battlefield #distant #far

Applying different standards to al Qaeda does not abandon Geneva, but only recognizes that the U.S. faces a stateless enemy never contemplated by the Conventions.

— John Yoo

#al #applying #contemplated #conventions #different

Congress's definition of torture in those laws - the infliction of severe mental or physical pain - leaves room for interrogation methods that go beyond polite conversation.

— John Yoo

#congress #conversation #definition #go #infliction

If the Court were to extend its reach to the base, judges could begin managing conditions of confinement, interrogation methods, and the use of information.

— John Yoo

#begin #conditions #confinement #could #court

In light of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, critics are arguing that abuses of Iraqi prisoners are being produced by a climate of disregard for the laws of war.

— John Yoo

#arguing #being #climate #critics #disregard

It is also worth asking whether the strict limitations of Geneva make sense in a war against terrorists.

— John Yoo

#also #asking #geneva #limitations #make

President Bush and his commanders announced early in the conflict that the Conventions applied.

— John Yoo

#applied #bush #commanders #conflict #conventions

Punishing abuse in Iraq should not return the U.S. to Sept. 10, 2001, in the way it fights al Qaeda, while Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants remain at large and continue to plan attacks.

— John Yoo

#al #attacks #bin #continue #fights

That is because the conflict with al Qaeda is not governed by the Geneva Conventions, which applies only to international conflicts between states that have signed them.

— John Yoo

#applies #because #between #conflict #conflicts

About John Yoo

John Yoo Quotes

Did you know about John Yoo?

He has written two books on presidential power and the war on terrorism and many articles in scholarly journals and newspapers. In international law Yoo has written that the rules governing the use of force must be understood to allow nations to engage in armed intervention to end humanitarian disasters rebuild failed states and stop terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  
War by Other Means: An Insider's Account of the War on Terror.

In 2009 two days after taking office President Barack Obama in Executive Order 13491 repudiated and revoked all legal guidance on interrogation authored by Yoo and his successors in the Office of Legal Counsel between September 11 2011 and January 20 2009. John Choon Yoo (born July 10 1967) is an American attorney law professor and author.

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