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Joseph Force Crater

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I heard that you did not have a judge to interview this month in the Bulletin, so I thought I'd help out. Besides, with the Stock Market tanking recently, it reminded me of the good old days.

— Joseph Force Crater

#days #did #good #good old days #heard

I never saw the play, although I heard it was good.

— Joseph Force Crater

#good #heard #i #never #play

I used my aviation contacts to open a travel agency. I used to book Caribbean flights.

— Joseph Force Crater

#aviation #book #caribbean #contacts #flights

I've been around doing a little of this and a little of that.

— Joseph Force Crater

#been #doing #i #little

Later, I became the manager for Amelia Earhart, until, well, you know.

— Joseph Force Crater

#i #know #later #manager #until

The truth of the matter was that I made myself disappear. I never liked being a Judge, so I just decided to start over. Sorry to inconvenience anyone.

— Joseph Force Crater

#being #decided #disappear #i #inconvenience

About Joseph Force Crater

Joseph Force Crater Quotes

Did you know about Joseph Force Crater?

In October a grand jury began examining the case calling 95 witnesses and amassing 975 pages of testimony. He was an Associate Justice of the New York Supreme Court for New York County. There he ate dinner with Sally Lou Ritz and William Klein a lawyer friend of Crater.

He was last seen leaving a restaurant on 45th Street. He had stated earlier that he was planning to attend a Broadway show. Joseph Force Crater (January 5 1889 – on or after August 6 1930) was a judge in New York City who disappeared on the night of August 6 1930.

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