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Karl Urban

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My philosophy is whatever you do, you've got to invest in yourself. If you don't, there are a lot of people out there who will get the job because they're more prepared than you.

— Karl Urban

#get #got #invest #job #lot

Nothing beats a great smile.

— Karl Urban

#great #nothing #smile

Now I'm this far up the ladder and I've got so much farther to go with what I want to achieve with it.

— Karl Urban

#far #farther #go #got #i

That's always an interesting concept when you try to make your dream into a reality and you come up against the facts of exactly what it is you're attempting to do.

— Karl Urban

#always #attempting #come #concept #dream

When I work, I try to eat as much vegetarian as possible. When I do Cupid, I eat vegetarian because I need the energy. I've got those wings on my back.

— Karl Urban

#because #eat #energy #got #i

When you work so hard on making a film, it's all worthwhile when you get to experience seeing that film with an audience who thoroughly enjoy it and react to the movie.

— Karl Urban

#enjoy #experience #film #get #hard

About Karl Urban

Karl Urban Quotes

Did you know about Karl Urban?

Since then he has worked on many high-profile movies including the second and third installments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy (The Two Towers and The Return of the King) The Bourne Supremacy The Chronicles of Riddick Star Trek and Doom. He has completed filming on the sequel to Star Trek Star Trek Into Darkness which will be released 17 May 2013.

Karl-Heinz Urban is a New Zealand actor. He won acclaim for his performances in New Zealand films The Price of Milk and Out of the Blue.

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