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Klaus Fuchs

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I joined the Communist Party because I felt I had to be in some organization.

— Klaus Fuchs

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At that time I had complete confidence in Russian policy and I believed that the Western Allies deliberately allowed Russia and Germany to fight each other to the death.

— Klaus Fuchs

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At this time I had complete confidence in Russian policy and believed that the Western Allies deliberately allowed Germany and Russia to fight each other to death.

— Klaus Fuchs

#allowed #believed #complete #confidence #death

Before I joined the project most of the English people with whom I had made personal contacts were left wing and affected to some degree or other by the same kind of philosophy.

— Klaus Fuchs

#before #contacts #degree #english #english people

Finally Germany's attack on Russia seemed to confirm that Russia was not shirking and was prepared to carry out a foreign policy with the risk of war with Germany.

— Klaus Fuchs

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I had therefore, no hesitation in giving all the information I had, even though occasionally I tried to concentrate mainly on giving information about the results of my own work.

— Klaus Fuchs

#concentrate #even #giving #had #hesitation

I think the one thing that most stands out is that my father always did what he believed to be the right thing to do and he always told us that we had to go our own way even if he disagreed.

— Klaus Fuchs

#believed #did #disagreed #even #father

I was a student in Germany when Hitler came to power.

— Klaus Fuchs

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I was in the underground until I left Germany.

— Klaus Fuchs

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I was ready to accept the philosophy that the Party is right and that in the coming struggle you could not permit yourself any doubts after the party had made a decision.

— Klaus Fuchs

#after #any #coming #could #decision

About Klaus Fuchs

Klaus Fuchs Quotes

Did you know about Klaus Fuchs?

Some former Soviet scientists said they were actually hampered by Fuchs's data because Beria insisted that their first bomb ("Joe 1") should resemble the American plutonium bomb ("Fat Man") as much as possible even though the scientists had discovered a number of improvements and different designs for a more efficient weapon. Hence he began transmitting military intelligence to the USSR though the historical record is unclear about exactly when he started. [citation needed]
Whether the information Fuchs passed relating to the hydrogen bomb would have been useful is still somewhat in debate.

While at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Fuchs was responsible for many significant theoretical calculations relating to the first fission weapons and later the early models of the hydrogen bomb the first fusion weapon. Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs (29 December 1911 – 28 January 1988) was a German theoretical physicist and atomic spy who in 1950 was convicted of supplying information from the American British and Canadian atomic bomb research (the Manhattan Project) to the USSR during and shortly after World War II.

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