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Knute Nelson

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The scene was not a happy one yet we looked upon it in the cold stoical spirit of a soldier; a slight chilling pang and then a return soul and body to the enemy before us.

— Knute Nelson

#body #chilling #cold #enemy #happy

But it is neither cannon nor bayonet that will do the worst damage to this city. No, this place will remember the war against our government just as long as there are inhabitants here.

— Knute Nelson

#bayonet #cannon #city #damage #government

I know that money speaks more loudly than need.

— Knute Nelson

#know #loudly #money #more #need

In the midst of these hard times it is our good health and good sleep that are enjoyable.

— Knute Nelson

#enjoyable #good #good health #hard #hard times

It is in Virginia and Georgia that the war now rages and where it will continue; for at these points - Richmond and Atlanta - the enemy's main strength is concentrated.

— Knute Nelson

#concentrated #continue #enemy #georgia #main

It is with this as with religion: one usually believes what he has been taught.

— Knute Nelson

#believes #religion #taught #usually

Man is remembered by his deeds.

— Knute Nelson

#his #man #remembered

Mess is fairly good. It is like what is found in American hotels except for cake and pie.

— Knute Nelson

#cake #except #fairly #found #good

That death was near, I suppose I believed, but I saw it only as a rest after the day's work.

— Knute Nelson

#believed #day #death #i #near

Vicksburg lies on top of a bluff on the east side of a large tongue of land jutting out into the Mississippi.

— Knute Nelson

#east #east side #into #land #large

About Knute Nelson

Knute Nelson Quotes

Did you know about Knute Nelson?

House of Representatives 1883–1889

Nelson served in the United States House of Representatives from March 4 1883 to March 4 1889 in the 48th 49th and 50th congresses. He eased up on patronage as a political tool and focused instead on helping his constituents in matters small and large often invoking the image of himself as a "drayhorse" – a hard-working persistent advocate for the things and people he believed in. First Senate term
The 54th United States Congress did not convene until December 1895 and though Nelson was impatient about getting to work he spent the recess traveling and working on his farm.

House of Representatives and the US Senate from Minnesota and he served as the 12th Governor of Minnesota. S. Knute Nelson also known as Knud Evanger (February 2 1843 – April 28 1923) was a Norwegian-American attorney and politician active in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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