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Lavrenti Lopes

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I admire Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman for their sheer dedication to their craft.

— Lavrenti Lopes

#craft #dedication #dustin #dustin hoffman #hoffman

As a child I wanted to be everything from a doctor, lawyer, flight attendant to an IT pro- fessional and could never make up my mind. I figured as an actor I'd get to play all these professions.

— Lavrenti Lopes

#attendant #child #could #doctor #everything

I come from an everyday middle class family in India. The film industry reached us only through our television sets and cinema halls.

— Lavrenti Lopes

#class #class family #come #everyday #family

I think I was 8 or 9 when I did my first play. It was at a community level, but that's when I knew that this is what I loved doing.

— Lavrenti Lopes

#did #doing #first #i #i think

Prejudices and preferences exist and will continue to. When you learn how to market yourself, you become less of a victim.

— Lavrenti Lopes

#continue #exist #how #learn #less

About Lavrenti Lopes

Did you know about Lavrenti Lopes?

Migros Switzerland Tata True Roots Calling Card and Cool Jodi. Print Ads
Microsoft Axe Deodorants Zip Car (INC Magazine) Flair Pens

Theatre in New York
E-Dating BY Savianna Stanescu (Role: Raj) Sa Ka La (Johannes) TV Pilot : Barely Legal

Filmography. His claims to fame though would be the TV commercials he did for Tata True Roots Calling Card.

Lavrenti Lopes (born 29 March 1986) is an Indian actor and model in Hollywood. He has done a couple of print ads in India including one for Flair Pens.

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