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Leland Stanford

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Labor can and will become its own employer through co-operative association.

— Leland Stanford

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The employee is regarded by the employer merely in the light of his value as an operative. His productive capacity alone is taken into account.

— Leland Stanford

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When money is controlled by a few it gives that few an undue power and control over labor and the resources of the country. Labor will have its best return when the laborer can control its disposal.

— Leland Stanford

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All legislative experiments in the way of making forcible distribution of the wealth produced in any country have failed.

— Leland Stanford

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Each co-operative institution will become a school of business in which each member will acquire a knowledge of the laws of trade and commerce.

— Leland Stanford

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Each individual member of a co-operative society works with that interest which is inseparable from the new position he enjoys. Each has an interest in the other.

— Leland Stanford

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I have always been fully persuaded that, through co-operation, labor could become its own employer.

— Leland Stanford

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I want, in this school, that one sex shall have equal advantage with the other, and I want particularly that females shall have open to them every employment suitable to their sex.

— Leland Stanford

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In the unrest of the masses I augur great good. It is by their realizing that their condition of life is not what it ought to be that vast improvements may be accomplished.

— Leland Stanford

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Government itself is founded upon the great doctrine of the consent of the governed, and has its cornerstone in the memorable principle that men are endowed with inalienable rights.

— Leland Stanford

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About Leland Stanford

Leland Stanford Quotes

Did you know about Leland Stanford?

This engine is preserved at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Career and politics
After being admitted to the bar in 1848 Stanford migrated with many other settlers moving to Port Washington Wisconsin where he began law practice with Wesley Pierce. Due to large winter storm floods the governor was said to have needed to row in a boat to his own inauguration.

As president of Southern Pacific and beginning in 1861 Central Pacific he had tremendous power in the region and a lasting impact on California. Migrating to California from New York at the time of the Gold Rush he became a successful merchant and wholesaler and continued to build his business empire. He served one two-year term as governor of California after his election in 1861 and later eight years as senator from the state.

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