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Leroy Chiao

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But a lot of that kind of work is done pre-flight, coordinating efforts with the flight directors and the ground teams, and figuring out how you're going to operate together.

— Leroy Chiao

#directors #done #efforts #figuring #flight

I hope that China will continue with space exploration. It would be logical to have international co-operation. I hope that it will come about and that I can be involved in it.

— Leroy Chiao

#china #co-operation #come #continue #exploration

I loved flying as much as I thought I would and continue to fly aircraft.

— Leroy Chiao

#continue #fly #flying #i #loved

I spent a lot of my time working in the American module, and he would stay in the Russian segment working on his things, and we'd meet up at meal times. So it actually worked out very well.

— Leroy Chiao

#american #his #i #lot #meal

I think it's good to have competition. Now we have a third country that can launch astronauts, so it's good for all of us. It makes us a little bit more competitive and wanting to be the leader.

— Leroy Chiao

#bit #competition #competitive #country #good

I'm Chinese-American, of course, and so it's very interesting to see China actually launch their own astronauts, becoming the third nation, following the United States and Russia, to do so.

— Leroy Chiao

#astronauts #becoming #china #course #following

Of course, you'll have to meet the physical and psychological demands. A space walk takes a lot of energy.

— Leroy Chiao

#demands #energy #lot #meet #physical

One day, people will be able to buy tickets to visit space.

— Leroy Chiao

#buy #day #one day #people #space

One of my challenges was to try to photograph the Great Wall of China. And I did actually take some photos, but it was hard to discern the wall with the naked eye.

— Leroy Chiao

#challenges #china #did #discern #eye

Our task was doing maintenance and repairs to keep the station in a good state for the return of the shuttle flights and resumption of major ISS construction.

— Leroy Chiao

#doing #flights #good #keep #maintenance

About Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao Quotes

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Pre-NASA career

Upon graduation Chiao worked at Hexcel Corporation in Dublin California from 1987 to 1989. Two NASA Group Achievement Awards (1997 1995). Recipient of the 100 Most Influential Asian Americans in the 1990¹s Award from A-Magazine (2000).

Leroy Chiao (born August 28 1960) is an American engineer former NASA astronaut entrepreneur motivational speaker and engineering consultant. Chiao flew on three shuttle flights and was the commander of Expedition 10 where he lived on board the International Space Station from October 13 2004 to April 24 2005. He is also a co-author and researcher for the Advanced Diagnostic Ultrasound in Microgravity Project.

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