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Louis Finkelstein

Read through the most famous quotes from Louis Finkelstein

It is a grave matter to enter a war, without adequate military preparation; it may prove fatal to come into peace, without moral and religious preparation.

— Louis Finkelstein

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A rabbi should not despair if people do not do as much as they should. Every parent has that with children. God is merciful.

— Louis Finkelstein

#despair #every #god #merciful #much

From the long range point of view, I do not know of anything we can do more important than to make some contribution to the preservation of religion as a vital force in America.

— Louis Finkelstein

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I feel very strongly that it is vital for us to constantly keep in mind the fact that the Jewish problem is but a phase of the world problem.

— Louis Finkelstein

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I hope to devote all of my spare time, which ordinarily would go to research, my summers, and every ounce of strength I can muster to further the project.

— Louis Finkelstein

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It therefore become essential for the future of Judaism itself that its advancement should be correlated with a similar effort to advance the cause of religion generally.

— Louis Finkelstein

#advancement #become #cause #effort #essential

The road to success, and by that I mean... the possibility of giving the best one has to the cause that one loves most, is not easy.

— Louis Finkelstein

#cause #easy #giving #i #loves

We realize that Judaism as a faith can survive only in an atmosphere of general faith.

— Louis Finkelstein

#faith #general #judaism #only #realize

About Louis Finkelstein

Did you know about Louis Finkelstein?

Goldman in his obituary for Finkelstein in the New York Times to describe Finkelstein as "the dominant leader of Conservative Judaism in the 20th century. He also edited a three volume series entitled The Jews: Their History (vol 1) Their Religion and Culture (vol 2) Their Role in Civilization (vol 3). He positioned JTS as the central institution of Conservative Judaism which experienced extraordinary growth during those years.

Louis Finkelstein (June 14 1895 in Cincinnati Ohio – 29 November 1991) was a Talmud scholar an expert in Jewish law and a leader of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTS) and Conservative Judaism.

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