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Ludwig von Mises

Read through the most famous quotes from Ludwig von Mises

Many who are self-taught far excel the doctors, masters, and bachelors of the most renowned universities.

— Ludwig von Mises

#directional #hard-work #excellence

The Marxians love of democratic institutions was a stratagem only, a pious fraud for the deception of the masses. Within a socialist community there is no room left for freedom.

— Ludwig von Mises

#liberalism #marxism #society #freedom

All rational action is in the first place individual action. Only the individual thinks. Only the individual reasons. Only the individual acts.

— Ludwig von Mises


Nobody ever recommended a dictatorship aiming at ends other than those he himself approved. He who advocates dictatorship always advocates the unrestricted rule of his own will

— Ludwig von Mises

#mises #dictatorship

War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or a plague brings.

— Ludwig von Mises

#earthquake #like #plague #prosperity #war

The elimination of profit, whatever methods may be resorted to for its execution, must transform society into a senseless jumble.

— Ludwig von Mises

#profit #freedom

Modern society, based as it is on the division of labor, can be preserved only under conditions of lasting peace.

— Ludwig von Mises

#conditions #division #labor #lasting #lasting peace

Manufacturing and commercial monopolies owe their origin not to a tendency imminent in a capitalist economy but to governmental interventionist policy directed against free trade and laissez faire.

— Ludwig von Mises

#capitalist #commercial #directed #economy #free

Sovereignty must not be used for inflicting harm on anyone, whether citizen or foreigner.

— Ludwig von Mises

#citizen #foreigner #harm #inflicting #must

Whoever wants peace among nations must seek to limit the state and its influence most strictly.

— Ludwig von Mises

#influence #limit #most #must #nations

About Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises Quotes

Did you know about Ludwig von Mises?

" We were discussing the distribution of income and whether you should have progressive income taxes. There he became a visiting professor at New York University. In America Mises' work first influenced that of economists such as Benjamin Anderson Leonard Read and Henry Hazlitt as well as writers such as former radical Max Eastman legal scholar Sylvester J.

He became a prominent figure in the Austrian School of economic thought and is best known for his work on praxeology. Mises had a significant influence on the libertarian movement in the United States in the mid-20th century. Fearing a Nazi takeover of Switzerland where he was living at the time Mises emigrated to the United States in 1940.

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