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Marie Corelli

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You should always be well and bright, for so you do your best work; and you have so much beautiful work to do. The world needs it, and you must give it!

— Marie Corelli

#beautiful #best #best work #bright #do your best

Such lovely warmth of thought and delicacy of colour are beyond all praise, and equally beyond all thanks!

— Marie Corelli

#beyond #colour #delicacy #equally #lovely

I must not say what I truly think, or you will tell me I flatter you-but I can only speak what I feel-and very often I cannot even do that when the feeling is very deep.

— Marie Corelli

#deep #even #feeling #flatter #i

Fancy your having no sunshine in London yesterday! Here it was glorious, like full summer, and I sat up with the window wide open, listening to the discourse of two amorous thrushes.

— Marie Corelli

#discourse #fancy #full #glorious #having

I entirely agree with you about the obscurity of Mrs Browning's line about the stars. It is far-fetched. She wanted to express something which she found beyond expression.

— Marie Corelli

#agree #beyond #browning #entirely #express

About Marie Corelli

Marie Corelli Quotes

Did you know about Marie Corelli?

Davidson 1922 Chester Bennett
Wormwood (1915) Fox
Temporal Power (1916) G. The character of Miss Susan Leg is an author of highly successful but pulpish romance novels who writes under the name of Rudolph da Vinci and first appears in Benson's work a few years after Marie Corelli's death in 1924. Over the fireplace in the fine old spacious lounge at Mason Croft the initials M.

Marie Corelli (1 May 1855 – 21 April 1924) was a British novelist. G. She enjoyed a period of great literary success from the publication of her first novel in 1886 until World War I.

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