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Mark McKinney

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About Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney Quotes

Did you know about Mark McKinney?

From 2003 to 2006 he co-created co-wrote and starred in the acclaimed dramedy TV mini-series Slings and Arrows about the backstage goings-on in a Canadian Shakespearean theatre company struggling with financial problems as they rehearse and present various productions. During his time on SNL McKinney had six recurring characters (some of note include Ian Daglers from "Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly" Melanie a Catholic schoolgirl and Lucien Callow a fop often paired with David Koechner's fop character Fagan) and twenty-seven celebrity impersonations (some of note include Mel Gibson Barney Frank Al Gore Paul Shaffer Jim Carrey Lance Ito Tim Robbins Steve Forbes Wolf Blitzer Bill Gates and Ellen DeGeneres). Together they formed a comedy team called “The Audience.

Mark Douglas Brown McKinney (born June 26 1959) is a Canadian comedian and actor best known for his work in the sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. From 2003 to 2006 he co-created wrote and starred in the acclaimed mini-series Slings and Arrows a TV show about a Canadian theatre company struggling to survive while a crazy genius director haunted by his dead mentor helps the actors find authenticity in their acting. Following the run of their television series (1989 to 1995) and feature film (Brain Candy) he went on to star in Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1997.

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