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John Candy

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I thought to myself, Join the army. It's free. So I figured while I'm here I'll lose a few pounds.

— John Candy

#few #figured #free #here #i

I think I may have become an actor to hide from myself. You can escape into a character.

— John Candy

#become #character #escape #hide #i

I'm the one who has to look in the mirror, and after a while it begins to eat at you.

— John Candy

#begins #eat #i #look #mirror

I did the 'Tonight Show' once, and I choked up. I get intimidated.

— John Candy

#did #get #i #intimidated #once

I don't watch my movies. I just get too critical of myself.

— John Candy

#get #i #just #movies #myself

I know what I have to do if I want to lose weight and stay healthy: eat a proper diet and exercise. All I've got to do is apply it.

— John Candy

#diet #eat #exercise #got #healthy

Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips.

— John Candy

#three #wants #whip #whips #who

You can escape into a character.

— John Candy

#escape #into #you

About John Candy

John Candy Quotes

Did you know about John Candy?

One of his most renowned onscreen performances was as Del Griffith the loquacious on-the-move shower-curtain ring salesman in the John Hughes comedy Planes Trains and Automobiles. The film remained in production for years due to animation difficulties and production delays and it was John Candylved. John Candy one of the school's most famous alumni said during one of his annual visits to the school "My success is simply rooted in the values and discipline and respect for others that I was taught at Neil McNeil.

His final two films Wagons East! and Canadian Bacon are dedicated to his memory. On March 4 1994 while filming the Western parody Wagons East! Candy died of a massive heart attack in his sleep in Durango Mexico at the age of 43. John Franklin Candy (October 31 1950 – March 4 1994) was a Canadian actor and comedian who rose to fame as a member of the Toronto branch of The Second City and its related Second City Television series and through his appearances in comedy films such as Stripes Splash Cool Runnings Summer Rental The Great Outdoors Spaceballs and Uncle Buck.

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