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Markus Wolf

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At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings.

— Markus Wolf

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Making use of human weaknesses in intelligence work is a logical matter. It keeps coming up, and of course you try to look at all the aspects that interest you in a human being.

— Markus Wolf

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One person can take papers, photograph them without getting excited, return them, and give them away without any scruples; while someone else has to overcome an enormous obstacle.

— Markus Wolf

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We planted bugs, microphones, in premises which interested us in the West. We weren't too successful - I would have said unfortunately in former years, but I don't care anymore now.

— Markus Wolf

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What we wanted from an agent depended on what he brought in.

— Markus Wolf

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You can't do anything if a person says no. In such a case, there's nothing you can do - unlike the popular cliche that pressure is exerted, or that maybe an unwilling source is done away with.

— Markus Wolf

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About Markus Wolf

Did you know about Markus Wolf?

There he was told to join the Comintern where he among others was prepared for undercover work behind enemy lines. This was later quaMarkus Wolfd by the German supreme court because Wolf was acting from the territory of the then-independent GDR. As intelligence chief Wolf achieved great success in penetrating the government political and business circles of West Germany with spies.

Many intelligence experts regard him as one of the greatest spymasters of all time. He was the MfS's number two for 34 years which spanned most of the Cold War.

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