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Mercer Reynolds

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In 1979 I teamed up with my friend and business partner, Bill DeWitt, and together we formed an oil and gas company that invested through limited partnerships in oil and gas exploration.

— Mercer Reynolds

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That day, my first day on the job, was September 11, 2001! I was actually being recognized by Switzerland the very day that the World Trade Center was hit.

— Mercer Reynolds

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We gained his operational capabilities and he gained our marketing skills.

— Mercer Reynolds

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About Mercer Reynolds

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In the field of foreign policy he sits on the advisory board of the Center for Strategic and International Studies and has been involved with the Bridging the Rift Foundation in the Middle East. ; he was its co-chair until 2001. Gabrielle Reynolds was appointed by President Bush in 2004 to serve on the board of trustees of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Mercer "Merce" Reynolds III (born 17 June 1945) is an American businessman. S.

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